Executive Director

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The Secretary General has deployed a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals in the Secretariat Office for assisting her to undertake the various programmes of the ISC.

K.K. Shetty

Looks after the works in the ISC HQs in the areas of; International collaboration, coordination with Member Countries, Associate Members, Ambassadors, Non-Member Countries, International and Regional agencies, organization of meetings, visit of Secretary General and visit of foreign delegates to ISC office, Technical issues, Administrative and Financial matters of ISC, and rolling out the Plan of Action conceived by the Secretary General and the decisions of the Executive Committee and the Conference.

Mr. Shetty has put into 31 years of professional experience in Sericulture and Silk Industry in the senior managerial position of Central Silk Board, which is the central agency for the development of sericulture and silk industry in India.

The areas of expertise are;

  • Project related activities of sericulture and silk industry like; conceptualization, appraisal, monitoring, technical analysis, evaluation, documentation, and implementation,
  • Involved in the implementation of various developmental projects implemented in India with the support of international agencies like World Bank, SDC, UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, JICA, etc.
  • Expertise in market development activities like price stabilization, product development, promotion, exhibitions, etc.
  • Experienced in organizing training for national and international clients, resource person for training, hands on experience in developing training curriculum, invigilation, evaluation, etc.,
  • Specialized in preparing projects of Sectoral groups like; women, tribal, and other marginalized sections of the silk value chain,
  • Experienced in implementation of Plan Schemes, resource planning, asset creation and utilization, Human and Institutional Development, OD analysis, etc.,
  • Thorough knowledge in international rules and regulations and ability to coordinate with all Sectoral groups,
  • A highly competitive Team Leader to synergies convergence of different groups and ideas for the common goal of developing silk industry, and
  • A clear outlook for the global development of sericulture and silk industry.