Working Group Meeting on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study on Silk

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ISC and International Silk Union, China have constituted a Working Group for developing global sustainability standards for silk. As part of this, the LCA study on silk would be undertaken in the important silk producing and consuming countries which would be later aggregated appropriately to derive the global silk standard. As part of the stated objectives, the first web meeting of the LCA Working Group was held on 18 January 2022. The Working Group witnessed the participation of 75 delegates from 18 countries constituting the officials of ISU, ISC, researchers and experts from China, India, Brazil, Italy, France and other countries. The experts have made presentations of the plans afoot for undertaking the LCA studies in their respective countries.

The consensus arrived during the meeting was that the PEF methodology of EU would be used for undertaking the LCA study and the entire study shall be undertaken under the supervision of the Working Group to ensure adoption of common methodologies and guidelines. The Workshop resolved to develop a common frame work and enlist the study under the guidance of the Technical Committee for Apparel and Footwear constituted by the European Commission.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022